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Versa WPC Planks – The Real Alternative to Natural Wood

Versa WPC Planks

Versa WPC Planks (Wood Polymer Composite) planks are a type of composite material that is becoming increasingly popular in recent years. They are made from a blend of wood fibers and plastic, which creates a durable and low-maintenance material that looks and feels like real wood. The planks combine the natural aesthetics of wood with a high tenacity to endure exterior weather conditions without regular maintenance.


Versa WPC planks are resistant to moisture and are less likely to rot, warp, or splinter like natural wood. They are anti-fading and weather proof, anti-corrosive, water proof and fire proof, making them a great choice for outdoor applications where exposure to the elements can cause damage to traditional wood decking materials. They require less maintenance than traditional wood cladding, as they don’t have to be painted or sealed, and can be cleaned with a simple soap and water solution.


Versa WPC planks come in a variety of colours and textures, allowing homeowners to choose the look that best suits their style and design preferences. Versa, as the name indicates, is a versatile material that is available in 2 surface options on the same plank that present the true characteristics of finished natural wood. One side displays a natural grained finish of wood while the other displays a machine-finished grooved surface. This flexibility enables the planks to be used in different applications with both surface options. Both surfaces have a high quality silk matt appearance matching the true aesthetics of pre-finished natural wood. The planks are available in different widths, thickness and surface finishes, offering a versatile solution for various exterior & interior applications.


One of the biggest advantages of Versa WPC planks is that they are a sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional wood decking or cladding. Because they are made from recycled materials and do not require the cutting down of trees, they are a more sustainable choice for those who desire the aesthetics of wood without the environmental impact. Versa planks can be recycled at the end of their lifespan, further reducing their environmental impact. Thus their carbon footprint during the entire lifecycle from manufacturing, transportation to disposal is much less compared to that of natural wood.

Overall, Versa WPC planks are a great alternative to natural wood for those who want a flexible, sustainable and low-maintenance option for a host of interior and exterior applications.