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Exploring the Versa Plank Advantage: Why Choose Versa Plank

Combining the natural aesthetics of wood with a high tenacity to endure exterior weather conditions without regular maintenance, Versa WPC planks are truly a miracle material for exterior applications. The unique raw material combination of wood powder and recycled PE plastics, allows for Versa WPC planks to retain their natural wood appearance without fading or deteriorating in extreme weather conditions. Versa WPC planks are lightweight and high strength, UV, termite and corrosion resistant and the perfect material for multiple exterior applications.

Unveiling the WPC Plank Advantage: Versa’s Superior WPC Planks

Natural Wood Looks

Anti - Corrosive

Anti - Fading

Impact Resistant

Weather Proof

Extra Long Life

No Painting

Fire Retardent

Low Maintenance

Environment Friendly

Water Proof

Multiple Applications

Elevate Your Space with Versa WPC Planks: The Versa Plank Vs Others

Natural Wood

Versa Is Resistant To Deterioration From Exposure To Weather, Termites And Rotting. Requires No Maintenance To Retain Original Characteristics.

Cement Fiber Boards

Versa Is A High Density And High Strength Material That Is Non-Brittle, Unlike Cement Boards That Damage Easily And Require Regular Painting.


Versa Is Resistant To Deterioration By Rusting Through Exposure To Rain And Coastal Saline Conditions And Requires No Coating Like Steel Or Aluminium.

Laminated Panels

Versa Displays The True Nature Of Wooden Planks For Exterior Cladding Applications And Is Highly Resistant To Fading And Delamination Being A Homogeneous Material

A Winner Over Other Materials

Characteristics Versa CFP* Wood Metals HPL
Premium Prefinished Looks
Low Maintenance
Weathering & Ageing Resistant
High UV Resistance
Free from Painting & Coating
High Color Retention Capability
Anti-Fade & Anti Crack
Non-Brittle & Splinter Free
Corrosion & Rot Resistant
Termite, Borer & Pest Proof
Fire Retardant
Thermo Dimensional Stability
Environment Friendly
Easy Workability
High Screw Holding Capacity

*Cement Fiber Planks

Decoding VERSA: How It Stands Apart from Other WPC Planks

  • Exceptional Premium Appearance: Versa planks display an exceptionally premium appearance of pre-finished wood through natural colours and textures.

  • 10 Year Warranty / 25 Year Lifetime: Versa Planks are backed by a 10 Years warranty against colour fading & cracking and an assured 25 Years product lifetime.

  • Unmatched Density: With an unmatched density of 1425kg /m’, Versa delivers the hardest, strongest and most non-brittle WPC planks available.

  • Optimal Composition: Versa’s benchmark optimal raw material composition of wood and PE plastics delivers unparalleled weathering capability & durability in exterior conditions.