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Discover Versa WPC Planks

Premium WPC Planks for your needs

Versa WPC planks are a unique solution for a multitude of uses. Manufactured from a particularly uncommon yet enduring raw material composition of wood powder and recycled polymers, Versa WPC planks demonstrate the exceptional aesthetics of natural wood with an unparalleled inherent tenacity to endure harsh weathering in exterior applications.
Versa’s unusually long lifespan compared to wood or conventional materials is a result of the rawmaterial blend, making them unusually defiant to deterioration with exposure to sunlight, rain, humidity and other influences of severe tropical weather conditions.
An array of natural wood textures and colours, makes Versa WPC planks a most fitting product and material for wide ranging use particularly in exteriors.

Width X Thickness(MM)
Standard Colors
145 x 10 mm
5 Planks
Ipe, Redwood, Teak, Silverwood
145 x 10 mm
8'0"(2.440m) / 10'0"(3.050m)
8'0"-5 Planks / 10'0"-4 Planks
Teak, Cherry, Walnut
75 X 20 mm
Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany
80 X 10 mm
Teak, Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany

Versa Plank: Unveiling WPC Excellence

Adding to the appearance of wood with natural colours and textures, Versa WPC planks are available in 2 surface options on the same plank, that present the true characteristics of finished natural wood.
One side of Versa WPC planks displays a natural grained finish of wood and the other a machine finished grooved surface. This allows for planks to be used in different applications with both surface options, offering flexibility in design. Both surfaces have a high quality silk matt appearance matching the true aesthetics of pre-finished natural wood.

Durashield is our game changing co-extrusion technology that delivers an exceptional combination of aesthetics and product performance in Versa ULTRA WPC planks. In comparison to conventional standard WPC, Durashield co-extrusion products are a lot more attractive, exceptionally durable and highly resistant to fading and scratching in exterior conditions.

Versa ULTRA has an inner standard WPC core, secured by a high density polymer capped outer shield layer that displays premium appearance coupled with remarkable long term performance.
Inner standard WPC core: The inner core of Versa Ultra products are made from a composite combination of hardwood powders, 100% recycled HDPE, filling, binders and additives.
Outer co-extruded shield: The outer capped layer is co-extruded along with and encasing the inner core giving the products more premium aesthetics with far greater long term durability.

Why Use Durashield Products ?

Ultra good looks: Durashield products look far more premium and beautiful when compared to standard WPC products especially in outdoor decking & exterior cladding applications.
Ultra durable: The co-extruded outer cap layer makes Durashield products far more UV resistant and less susceptible to fading or discoloration, delivering much higher weathering capability.
Ultra low maintenance: Durashield’s outer layer encasing standard WPC core makes the products less vulnerable to scratching, staining or mildew and much easier to maintain.

The Difference Between Co-ex WPC and Standard WPC

Co-extrusion WPC, capped WPC or second generation WPC is different and a technological improvement from Standard WPC, also referred to as first generation WPC. Co-ex WPC is designed with an outer cover layer that is bonded to the inner core during manufacturing. The inner core is a blend of wood and plastic, co-extruded and capped with an outer shield layer to ensure the final product is very strong and resilient to weathering, while maintaining a better wood feel over a longer periods of time. The process of co-extrusion involves use of a non-organic surface material with antioxidants and UV inhibitors to cover and protect the inner core.
WPC products that are co-extruded are much better with increased performance and durability of the products with lower maintenance. While the cost of co-extrusion WPC products are marginally higher by about 25% when compared to Standard WPC, the trade of in terms of better looks, exponentially better performance and durability with much less maintenance makes co-ex WPC a far better choice specifically for WPC outdoor decking and WPC exterior cladding.

Why Use Versa WPC Planks?

  • One material multiple uses: Versa WPC planks exemplify multiple uses with a single product. Available in different widths, thickness and surface finishes, Versa WPC planks are a versatile solution for various exterior & interior applications. Characterizing premium pre-finished wood looks, Versa WPC planks are suitable for exterior wall & cladding, partitions & screens, gates, exterior railings, louvers, landscaping, fencing, furniture and much more.
  • Superior product performance: In comparison to conventional materials such as cement fiber planks, natural wood, high pressure laminates and metals conventionally used for similar applications, Versa WPC planks bring far superior performance to the table. Deterioration with weathering, UV exposure, fading, cracking, corrosion, termite damage and other such problems are common to other materials. Versa WPC planks on the other hand handle such conditions without any deterioration.
  • Unrivalled weathering characteristics: Being a composite material, Versa WPC planks have unrivalled weathering capabilities. Unlike other materials that weaken and degrade in exterior weather, Versa planks are waterproof, UV resistant and heat resistant, looking as good as new for years on end.
  • Zero maintenance and costs: The biggest advantage Versa WPC planks have is being completely maintenance free. Wood, cement planks, metals and other materials need to be regularly cared for by repair, sealing, painting, termite treatment and other maintenance work which are a repeated effort and high on costs over the product life. Versa WPC planks require none of these and will last longer than other materials without being cared for.
  • High strength & impact resistant: Cement fiber planks tend to easily split, bend and crack with the slightest impact and need to be repeatedly repaired and painted. Typically on gates, railings, louvers and other similar applications the cost and effort of replacing and repainting is prohibitive and troublesome. Versa exterior WPC planks are very high in strength and handle high impact in these applications extremely well.
  • Easy to install: Unlike other materials that require complex frameworks, welding, cutting and painting, Versa WPC planks are a simple solution that is easy to install. Available in different sizes, Versa WPC planks are easily installed on a very simple framework in all applications. Any local, fabricator or fitter will be able to install Versa Planks.