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Versa Plank WPC Planks : Redefining Aesthetics

Versa Plank : Your Choice for Stylish Spaces

Everwood Versa WPC planks, as the name suggests are a versatile solution for multiple exterior and interior applications with planks. With 2 different surface options on either side of the plank and displaying exceptional pre-finished wood looks, Versa planks are suitable for interior & exterior cladding, gates, railings, louvers, partitions, furniture, landscaping and anything more you need them for. Highly durable in exterior conditions, Versa planks are UV & fade resistant requiring close to zero maintenance to keep them looking good for years.
Versa planks are the perfect alternative for natural wood, cement fibre planks, high pressure laminates, metals and other materials for exterior use and do not require any painting, sealing or coatings to retain the colours and finish. Being high strength, non-brittle and anti-corrosive, Versa planks guarantee an extremely long product lifetime. Simple and easy to install in a multitude of uses, Versa is simply a miracle material with a million possibilities.

Soffit Surfacing

Versa WPC planks lend a distinct impression on ceilings and exterior soffit surfaces unlike any other wood finish material. Being weatherproof and retaining their original colours and finish for exceptionally long periods in exterior conditions, Versa Planks are the perfect replacement to HPL sheets and cement boards that need regular painting & maintenance in exterior ceiling surfacing.



Versa WPC planks are available in a range of widths, thickness and surface finishes and the perfect long term solution for railings that are always exposed to weathering and rain. Beingwaterproof, corrosion resistant and high strength, Versa WPC planks make the perfect alternate to steel and wood railings that require regular painting and maintenance in exteriors.


Louvers & Ducts

Versa WPC planks are theperfect solution to aluminum louvers, mild steel and wood for louvers and duct coverings. Available in various widths and thickness to suit different design requirements in MEP ducts and decorative louvers, Versa WPC planks are rust and termite proof, requiring no maintenance to keep them looking new and have an extraordinarily long lifespan.



Versa WPC planks are theperfect background and base material to create premium and innovative looking signage. Being highly durable in exterior weather conditions and anti-fading to high exposure to UV, Versa WPC planks offer a range of colours and finishes to create distinctive outdoor signage that is guaranteed to last an exceptionally long time with close to no maintenance all through.